Sunday, December 14, 2014

Brew 1 - Amber Ale is done!

Batch one is brewed and bottled. 

Yesterday, after 2 weeks of conditioning in the bottle, Chris and I opened our first bottle.  Things turned out real well.  It has a little more of a hint of vanilla than I had expected, but over all it's great.  Quite honestly, I'd be very proud to serve this beer to anyone.

Here's the recipe we followed -Ballast Point's American Amber Ale recipe:

Steeping Grains:

0.75 lb Crystal Malt 60L
0.5 lb Caramunich
0.5 lb Carapils


6 lb Light Dried Malt Extract

Hop Additions:

60 mins - 1 oz Northern Brewer
5 mins - 1 oz Northern Brewer


White Labs California Ale Yeast - WLP001

Being our first try, I'm really impressed with how we were able to create a good tasting, non-skunky, evenly carbonated beer.